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At IveyPath, we specialize in empowering students seeking guidance for admission to top-tier universities, particularly in the US. What sets us apart is our commitment to personalized one-on-one counseling, tailored to each student's unique aspirations and strengths. Our expert team provides comprehensive support to craft a clear career plan, equipping students with the resources and confidence needed to succeed. We believe in nurturing passion and individuality, recognizing that a student's potential extends beyond mere academic achievements. Through our holistic approach, we aim to guide students towards making informed decisions and unlocking their full potential as they pursue their academic and professional goals. Join IvyPath and embark on a journey towards success with personalized guidance designed to prioritize your individual aspirations and growth.

Our founder

Arnav Gupta

Arnav is a graduate student at Harvard University, USA. After completing his undergraduate, Arnav got admits from many prestigious universities including Harvard University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Washington and University of Wisconsin, Madison for graduate studies. Arnav's personal experiences as a student in India  and USA motivated him to open this platform. His objective behind this platform is to help students with profile building and providing them with the kind of counseling that can open their eyes to the tremendous prospects available in their areas of interest. 

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What we can help you with ?

End up where you truly deserve to be...

Hear from our students!!

"Arnav possesses a unique understanding of how to craft an application that catches the eye of the most prestigious universities. Through his guidance, I got accepted to top institutions like Carnegie Mellon University, Boston University, and Case Western Reserve University. Not only did he help me refine my essays and extracurricular activities, but also provided invaluable advice on interview preparation and scholarship opportunities. His guidance helped me highlight my strengths and identify areas where I could shine even brighter. Arnav's personalized attention made me feel confident throughout the entire process. Along with securing admissions to top-tier universities, his passion for empowering students is truly palpable. Arnav Gupta and Iveypath are indispensable. With their support, success is inevitable."

Veena Mittal

Incoming freshmen at Carnegie Mellon University

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